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Author Topic: 9 Ways to improve your photography by joining a Forum ...  (Read 4721 times)

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September 21, 2013, 11:03:34 AM
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9 Ways to improve your photography by joining a Forum ...
« on: September 21, 2013, 11:03:34 AM »
I should start off by saying that this is a completely unbiased article, and also that PhotographyTalk has the best photography forum in the entire world. maybe it's a little biased. But forums are a really great place for photographers to thrive. Whether it's posting your photos, receiving feedback, learning new techniques, or sharing your own knowledge, photography forums can inspire and improve your work. And the larger the forum, the more collected knowledge and potential friends there are. So here are nine reasons why you should start participating in a forum today.

Critical Feedback

Most forums, including our own, has a section where you can submit a photo and have other forum members give feedback. This can be helpful when trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work in a photograph. The great thing about having your photo critiqued on a photography forum is that you receive a multitude of responses. It's sometimes hard to judge whether the critique of one person represents what most people would think about your photograph. But having several people make the same comment can help you decipher what's generally good or bad about a photo. Just remember to take these critiques with a grain of salt as not all people will give constructive feedback. Look for the comments that say how you can improve your photography rather than just what's good or bad about it.

Answers to Specific Questions

Sometimes it's difficult to find an answer to a very specific question you have about photography. You probably won't find a whole article about “If I'm using focus stacking to create a macro image and I'm shooting at an aperture of f/2.8, how many photos would I need to get a depth of field equivalent to that of an f/11?” You might...but I doubt it. On a photo forum, you can ask any photo related questions you have, and chances are there will be several people who can help you out.
A Sense of Community

This is a big one. As with any activity, photography is more fun when you have others you can talk to and get inspiration and motivation from. That feeling you get when you capture a great image only increases when you add the anticipation of posting it online for all of your photo buddies to see.
Learn New Techniques

Photography forums contain a lot of knowledge. In just about any genre of photography, you can learn new techniques from old and new photographers alike. Whether you're shooting large format film or the newest DSLR, there are always new things to learn about making great images.
View Other Photographers' Work

A lot of inspiration comes from viewing the photographic work of others, and while you can glance through Google and fumble through Flickr, a forum is full of photographers who are dedicated to the art and who may not post their photos anywhere else.
Advice on Photography Business

Aside from all the technical and creative information you can find, you can also learn about the business of photography. How do you start freelancing? How much should you charge? How do you deal with difficult clients? Many forum members have been there, done that, and they're willing to help fellow photographers get their feet off the ground.
Discover New Camera Gear

With all the combined experience of all the members on a photography forum, it's always a good idea to ask around before investing in new camera gear. See what others think of the gear you're thinking about investing in. See if there's a cheaper or higher quality alternative. There's so much gear out there that no one person can keep track of it all. But with a whole community at hand, you can often find someone who has had experience with the gear you're after.
Find Deals on Photo Equipment

Forum members love to share deals with the community. When a hot camera goes on sale or a high quality line of lenses becomes discontinued and drops in price, there's always someone there to point it out to the rest of the members.

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